Fig. 1. Xeronine in noni fruit.


Pro-xeronine is the precursor of xeronine, in simplicity pro-xeronine is an inactive compound and requiring catalytic activity to convert a biologically inactive compound into active form called xeronine (Heinicke, 2001).

Xeronine belongs to the alkaloids, small but physiologically active. It has great importance for the proper function of all cells in the body (Wang et al., 2002). The mechanism xeronine plays to exert its therapeutic properties still requiring further studies to elucidate with scientific evidences. Current understanding explains that proxeronine works by wrapping itself around the enzyme present in our intestine known as proxeronase. Proxeronase joins the two club-like ends of the proxeronine together and then cuts off the useless chain. The remaining conjoined club-like parts combine with serotonin to make xeronine (
Heinicke, 2001). Graphic shown in figure.1. is used for the purpose to illustrate the abundancy of xeronine in noni fruit but not for the intention to explain how proxeronine is being converted to xeronine. To date, further scientific findings are required for the elucidation of the biochemical changes of proxeronine to xeronine.

Xeronine has the capability to modify the molecular structure of proteins and this is indeed an essential mechanism for many biological activities. The binding of protein compounds in our body require specificity in order to work efficiently. The role of xeronine is to order the protein in our body to fold into proper conformation to work correctly. It is encouraged to increase intake of fruit such as Morinda citrifolia that is packed with pro-xeronine because of its many health benefits to monitor and help to correct problematic proteins due to incorrect folding or conformation (Wang et al., 2002).

Alkaloid is a complex chemical with N-bonded to a complex ring structure as shown in figure.2. Lysine-based alkaloids. The chemical structure of xeronine is presumably to be similar to other alkaloids (fig.2). Actual chemical structure of xeronine has not been discovered thou food scientists knew about the importance of the compound with beneficial values for good health and well-being.
Fig.2. Lysine-based alkaloids.


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