Glycemic Index (GI): A measurement of the type or quality of carbohydrates in a particular food, and how fast 50 grams of this carbohydrate raises blood glucose levels and consequent insulin secretion as it is digested

Osmolarity: direct measurement of the concentration of dissolved substances (solutes) in a solution. The total molar concentration of the solutes.

Oligosaccharide: a saccharide (sugar) polymer containing a small number (typically three to ten) of component sugars, also known as simple sugars.

Propolis: a wax-like resinous substance collected by honey bees from tree buds or other botanical sources and used as cement and to seal cracks or open spaces in the hive.

Prebiotic: A non-digestible dietary supplement that modifies the balance of the intestinal microflora, stimulating the growth and/or activity of the beneficial organisms, thereby supressing potentially deleterious bacteria

Water Activity: the relative availability of water in a substance. It is defined as the vapour pressure of water divided by that of pure water at the same temperature; therefore, pure distilled water has a water activity of exactly one.

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